Saturday Secrets to Great Baseball Coaching

 Two Questions to Ask for Dealing with Winning and Losing

Baseball success does not come  easily for individuals or for baseball teams, as the game is difficult and the competition is good. Unfortunately, someone has to lose and losing is usually not fun for competitive baseball players. Of course, winning is fun and there is a right way to act after winning, also – the same way!  Good coaches help players deal with winning and losing by asking two questions. 

How did we play?

After games, coaches should explain, in a matter of fact voice, the teams play during the game.  Coaches should detail the highlights of the game, followed by the low lights  without singling out players for bad play. Coaches speak as if the whole team made the good and bad plays, and not individuals.  Coaches do not have to “sugarcoat” the teams play when they did not play well, as long as they also mention the things done well. Keeping balance in this way is good baseball coaching.

How did we prepare?

Another way to deal with losing lies with the definition of success. A good coach continually defines success as “teams or individuals preparing to the degree they are comfortable.” This degree varies of course for each individual player and for each team. Some teams and athletes are satisfied doing a little, where others are satisfied, only if they prepare a great deal. Good coaches should ask whether they are satisfied with their effort and preparation. If players and teams feel as though they prepared in a way they are comfortable with, they are successful, win or lose. If they have not prepared the way they felt they should, they should not feel successful even when they have won.

Coaches point out that success is having no excuses and no regrets.

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