Hoppity Hop Hitting Drill


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Here is another hitting drill, the hoppity-hop hitting drill which is fun and effective for young players. This hitting drill allows batters to load the bat with the lower body and teaches them rhythm and balance along with knowing when to prepare to swing the bat, which is an important thing to learn for young players. Most young hitters do nothing to prepare or do not know when to start their preparation move to swing. For most young hitters this hoppity-hop hitting drill works, as most will not get the bat to the best hitting position when they have to load the bat by moving the hands and bat barrel. After using this drill on the tee and in batting practice for an extended period, players will begin to develop the movement and rhythm necessary to swing the bat with power and timing. Teaching hitters to prepare to swing is one of the most difficult teaching points for hitting coaches and a lot of trial and error is usually necessary before arriving at a solution that works. Some kids have a natural loading of the bat but most do not and for those that do, it is often an incorrect loading of the bat.

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