Hitting Tips to Avoid A Slow Start

Nothing is more frustrating for ballplayers then working hard all off season on their hitting only to get off to a slow start with the bat. There is no tried and true method for getting off to a fast start, but the following hitting tips can help players, especially those, who generally are slow starters.

Often slow starts come from not seeing the ball well because it has been a long time since real game action, so hitters should stand in more often when pitchers are getting their bullpen work. Just watching the ball at game like speeds, without having to swing, helps prepare the eyes. 

Bunting helps hitters watch the ball longer and all the way to contact. As better contact comes with bunting, better contact with swinging often follows.

Hitting Tips that Get early season Hits

Hitters have a tendency to over-work and swing themselves out of a good groove in the pre-season because they rightfully feel this is the time of year to work hard. When seeing the ball well and hitting well, hitters should back off and work on other phases of the game.

Players should have a diary of thought processes and swing tips when swinging well and refer back to it at beginning of season (and whenever struggling).

As games begin, players should give less thought to mechanics and more to concentrating on the ball.

Finally, seasoned ballplayers know that hitting, like many things, run in cycles so with patience, hard work, good fundamentals and these hitting tips, they will begin to hit.



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