Once a player has trouble with hitting timing, regaining that timing can be a difficult thing. When working with two players of the same age together on their hitting, I may lob the ball to one and fire it to the other. The reason is to help their hitting timing. The one player is early on every ball and can’t seem to wait on it, the next is always late. Coaches must figure out every hitter to help them regain their timing, not always an easy thing. Baseball players can have beautiful swings, but without hitting timing that swing may look bad. Or, the baseball swing may look great, but contact is missing. Every player is different and helping players figure out what batting practice speeds help is crucial to getting them back in the groove. That is also the reason it is important to mix up speeds in batting practice, so players do not lose timing the ball in the first place. Coaches should try to mix in slow, medium and fast pitches for that reason.

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