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Why Hitting Mechanics Changes are difficult but necessary

Hitting mechanics take years of practice to perfect, if ever, and it is not easy to change ingrained hitting mechanics. However, often, batters get into a hitting “funk” and they have to make changes quickly, so their slump does not last too long. Some quick fix adjustments exist that may stem the tide until players have the time to make major changes.

The following quick fix hitting mechanics are relatively simple adjustments, even though players may feel slightly uncomfortable making them. However, it is worth it to try, when nothing else seems to be working to help their lack of hitting success.

Worth a Try Hitting Mechanics Quick Fixes

Batting Problem – Striking out

Hitting Mechanics

Hitting Mechanics Adjustments

Quick Fix Solution – Most strikeouts occur with swinging under balls, so players should attempt to hit ground balls and aim to hit the top of the ball. It may even seem like they chop at the ball, but in reality they are shortening the swing and good contact may result. However, when strikeouts come from missing curve balls and change ups, the best solution is to attempt to hit balls to the opposite field.

Batting Problem – Too Many Ground Balls

Solution – Ground balls come from making contact with the top of the ball, so lowering the hands and widening the stance a couple of inches may allow batters to make contact slightly lower with line drives resulting.

Batting Problem – Too many Pop ups or Lazy Fly Balls

Solution – Opposite of the previous problem, players should raise their hands and narrow their stances to see and hit slightly higher up on the ball.

Other Hitting Mechanics Adjustments

Batting Problem – Always Pulling Ball

Solution – Most constant pulling action involves an incorrect weight transfer, so the solution lies with getting the weight off the backside. Players should be sure to leave only their rear toe on the ground on their follow through to ensure a good weight transfer.

Batting Problem – Always Late on the Ball

Solution – Maybe the most difficult of all for a quick adjustment, players have to shorten swing by trying to keep the bat barrel close to their head on their initial approach to the ball. This more compact approach helps to shorten swing and make batters quicker to the ball.

Once again, these quick fixes may work in the short run, but in the end, hitting mechanics are a continual work in progress, which require constant practice, tweaking, and development. Most of these hitting problems have more deep seated issues that require long term hitting mechanics practice.



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