Hitting Mechanics Drills for Correct Swing Development

Whenever there is a netted batting cage available, I like to have hitters warm up using the net to teach hitting mechanics. Often and understandably, young hitters do not comprehend correct hitting mechanics. Even those that have a good idea of hitting mechanics do not necessarily do the correct ones or do not realize they are not doing them correctly. Knowing, doing and realizing what one is doing are all separate issues.

The following net drills help kids at least get a better understanding of the correct batting fundamentals and give them some feedback as to whether theirs are correct. Additionally, constant use of these net drills will correct players’ swings and put them on the perfect sing path to success.

Path to Good Hitting Mechanics Drills

Net Drill 1


hitting net drills

Photo 1

Player stands with their back as close to a net as possible. (Photo 1) Player stands in hitting position and takes their swings, realizing they will hit the net on their follow through. (Photo 2) The object is to keep the bat barrel from going into the net at any time. The incorrect swing has the barrel moving backwards, into the net. (Photo 3)

hitting net drills

photo 2

Objective – This drill promotes use of the hands, control of the bat barrel and the necessary compact swing.

Second Path to Correct Hitting Mechanics Drills

Net Drill 2

hitting net drills

photo 3

hitting net drill

Photo 4

Players stand as normal, within three inches of the net, which is in the direction of the catcher. (Photo 4) Players take their normal swing with the objective of missing the net on the forward swing, but trying to hit the net on their follow through, without their weight going back on their heels. (Photo 5)

Objective – This net drill promotes staying back, as they will not hit the net on the follow through when they jump forward, the initial pull of the bat with the lead arm and a compact swing.

hitting mechanics

Photo 5

Third Path to Great Hitting Mechanics Drills

Net Drill 3

Players stand belly button away from the net and take their normal swing with the intention of just grazing the end of their bat against the net, before taking a full follow through. When they are totally missing the net, they may be pulling their front shoulder, so it is necessary to graze the net with the end of their bat.(Photos 6 & 7)

Objective – This drill promotes the inside pull and hip rotation to prevent casting the bat.

Of course, these drills are possible with a ball on the batting tee for further hitting mechanics development. (Photo 8) Finally, no hitting drills are perfect that solve every problem, but these are a great start to helping players’ fundamentals and hitting understanding.

hitting mechanics

Photo 8

hitting mechanics

Photo 6




hitting mechanics

Photo 7



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