Hitting Analysis Helps Players and Coaches

It is difficult for coaches to remember players’ swing tendencies, especially from practice to practice, and with the many players on a team. Having a written hitting analysis evaluation is very helpful so coaches can recall those players’ swing tendencies without having to watch players for that recollection. Having this hitting analysis sheet is not only helpful for the immediate future, but coaches can use them for tracking players‘ progress over the course of the season, if not from season to season.  

Below is one such hitting analysis evaluation sheet that coaches can copy and print to use to help remember batters’ swings and for suggesting possible drills to help improvement in those areas of need. It is best for coaches to do these hitting evaluations early in the season to review and explain to batters. With that in mind, coaches should give players a copy to have for future us also.

Of course, hitting is a difficult skill to perfect but careful monitoring of the hitting process by knowledgeable coaches and this type evaluation is a good first step for players’ seasons and career development. A key to this evaluation sheet is the “suggested drills” section that gives players a concrete plan of attack for each area of hitting. Coaches will usually find that when players perform the first few areas of evaluation correctly and improve upon those, the rest of the hitting mechanics fall into place.

Hitting Fair Good Very Good Comments & Suggested Drills
Initial Set-up
Stride – Length& Direction
Hitting Position(at foot landing)
Hip Action & Weight Transfer
Swing – First move & Swing Path
Follow Thru – Hand Height & Full Hip Turn
Balance at Finish &Head Position

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