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 How to get in the zone even though it is elusive

Getting in the zone is the state of mind when there is singular focus, with no mind distractions. This idea of being in the zone is often associated with players who are on a tear, when everything is going their way and their production is beyond normal during this stretch. 

In reality, successful athletes have the ability to get in the zone continually, where they have singular focus, whatever the results may be. Without getting the mind focused, positive results rarely follow. Following are ways that coaches can help players get in the zone:

Coaching Tips to Get in the Zone

1.Develop their love of the game by attending high school, college and professional games.

2. Drill the fundamentals – easier said than done, but correct fundamentals allow players to calm the mind.

3. Help players play with no fear, which is the first step to developing confidence. Use of safety balls and positive reinforcement after mental mistakes and physical errors help players play without fear of injury and without fear of letting adults down.

3. Develop a never give up attitude by teaching the importance of giving 100 percent no matter the score or weather conditions.

4. Keep players rested – mind distractions appear when kids are tired.

5. Let the game come to them – when players try to do too much and more than they are capable of, pressure builds that causes distractions that clutter the mind.

Getting in the zone often comes with experience. As players gain experience, confidence follows, which leads to getting in the zone more often than players without confidence. Good coaches help players get in the zone by being a calming influence to players until that experience and confidence grows.


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