“Hard Hitting” Questions for Results

Hitting the ball hard consistently is the obvious goal of baseball hitting. That is “easier said than done,” as hitting consistency is very elusive, especially when off speed pitches come into the hitting equation. To help hitters gain that consistency of hitting the ball hard and often, coaches should coach batters to answer hard-hitting questions. In the on deck circle and upon entering the batter’s box, batters should review the answers to these hard-hitting questions, so they are mentally prepared to hit.

Of course, the good news is that, as players become more experienced, the questions and answers flow through players’ heads faster, instinctively, and from pitch to pitch. All that thought sequence is necessary, as hitting becomes increasingly mental, once standing in the batter’s box during games.

Answering the Hard-Hitting Questions in the on deck circle

  1. What are my hitting strengths – low balls, high balls, fast or slow balls, inside or outside pitches?
  2. What appears to be the pitcher’s pitches, strengths, weaknesses, and control?
  3. After answering those two initial questions, how do I match up and what is my game plan for this at-bat?
  4. Does the game situation dictate how I should approach this at-bat?

Hard Hitting Questions in the Batter’s Box

  1. Is my bat grip correct?  in the fingers, as when holding a cell phone 
    hard hitting questions
  2. Is my stance balanced? necessary for hitting, of course
  3. Does my head position allow me to have an open, level view of the pitcher’s release point? – crucial for having a chance at hitting the ball
  4. What zone and pitch am I going to look for pitches, up until a two-strike count? Hitter’s strength, of course
  5. What adjustment should I make when having a two-strike count? All players should have a two strike strategy

As mentioned, experienced hitters begin to have these hard-hitting questions go through their head quickly, as adjustments must come quickly and continually for hitting success.

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