Motivational Monday Tip of the Day

Coaching to Personality with this personal motivational method

I am a big believer in positive coaching as the only alternative when working with kids. The problem is that some players simply are not motivated with just positive feedback. That does not mean coaches should turn to negative coaching techniques, as that is destructive in the long run, but alternative methods of motivation needs to be tried.

Coaches often believe they must treat every player the same. Maybe the greatest coach of all, John Wooden, said that the worst thing a coach can do is treat all players the same. I agree with him because every player has a different personality and they respond to coaching methods in different ways.

Good coaches learn how to push players differently with the use of challenge, homework, patience, time, praise and other motivational tools.  

Coaches must learn players’ personalities so they can treat players in ways to get the most out of their potential. Once done, coaches can try the following personal motivational method.

Personal Motivational Method that works

At the beginning of each practice, coaches give each player their own word for the day that you (coach) want that player to think of and refer back to occasionally. Coaches can ask players what their word is and means to remind them of their practice theme for the day.

Coaches can use their imagination to come up with motivational words to describe that player’s personality. Words like focus, responsibility, dedication, teamwork, etc are good starts. 

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