Former major leaguer Jack Perconte teaches baseball in clear and innovative ways. Helping coaches learn how to coach the game and baseball players learn the game in a fun way – Guaranteed. Having 28 years of baseball coaching experience, Jack has many coaching techniques that get the best out of youth baseball players in a quick manner. In this baseball hitting instruction video, Jack gives another hitting drill that will help kids baseball and baseball coaches of all ages. This drill is one that softball hitters incorporate into their game hitting, as players get their timing from starting the bat as if they were to bunt, but then take the bat back as the pitcher begins their motion home. By setting their weight on their front foot and the bat out front, they will automatically have to prepare the bat to swing. As long as hitters know the correct position to get the bat back to, this can be a great way to gain timing, preparation, and rhythm. Best of Luck, JP.

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