Game Planning before Tossing the Spikes Aside for a Necessary Break

All baseball players’ goal is consistency in all phases of the game and over the course of the season. Objective analysis helps that plan for consistency and for developing the necessary game planning for the following season.

Most major league ballplayers toss the bat and glove a side for a good period, up to three months, after the season. That should be the case for youth baseball players too, now that the World Series and fall baseball are over. In this age of specialization and year round play, players must recognize the importance of getting away from their specialized sport, no matter how much they love it. However, before tossing the glove, bat, and spikes to the side for a while, a little analysis of the previous season is necessary.

Game Planning

Game Planning

Following are 10 questions ball players should ask to analyze the previous season, so good game planning is set in place for next season. Of course, with young ballplayers, this baseball analysis is something parents can do for their child and are questions applicable to all sports.

Game Planning Analysis – 10 Questions Ballplayers should Ask Themselves

  1. Did my strength and conditioning hold up throughout the season?
  2. Did I strength train during the season or should I next season?
  3. Was I a coachable player, willing to try coaching suggestions?
  4. Which third of the season was my best, and worst?
  5. Which parts of my game were my best and worst? Hitting, fielding, throwing, pitching, fielding and base running, game situational knowledge, etc.
  6. Did I devote enough time to my weakest areas?
  7. Did I know how to adjust when things were not going well and was I willing to make adjustments?
  8. What three things would I have done different if could go back and do again?
  9. Am I willing to devote more time to my weakest parts of my game before next season?
  10. Was I a good teammate to all players and show respect for others and the game at all times?

This analysis helps players figure out what needs work for a better following season and for developing the eye of the tiger mentality to make those adjustments possible.  Of course, a players’ focus is on how to improve their baseball skills before next season, but as some of these questions ask, players should also strive to be a quality person and teammate, also.

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