Thursday Throwing Tips – Catching the Fun of Baseball

 Kids love contests and this team throwing drill fits that. In addition, it is a great way for coaches to help players build up arm strength at the same time. Coaches should insist that players have a different partner each time for this team throwing drill so the same players do not win all the time.

Team Throwing Drill for Arm Strength

After players have warmed their arms up, players pair off at the same short distance apart. The ball begins at the same side for each pair and at the coaches command the ball is thrown to their catch partner. With each completed throw, players back up one step. A missed ball takes that pair out of that round, but they continue to throw even though they cannot win that round. Players continue to back up with each subsequent throw and completed catch until a pair wins. Players, who have to run up to the throw more than two steps are out, also. After a team wins, players begin again.

Coaches should insist on good throwing mechanics, as kids often tend to fly open early when throwing long distances.
Once again, this is fun team throwing drill for kids, develops arm strength and makes sure arms are loose to begin practice.

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