Throwing Mechanics – Fixing the Side Arm Thrower

So many kids throwing mechanics are wrong,  throwing with a low elbow or sidearm, failing to get on top with their throws, which inhibits backspin, accuracy and carry on the ball. These type throwing mechanics create frustration for players and parents, alike.  As seen here, there is an easy solution. I have seen this drill work almost 100% of the time and often after a few throwing sessions.

Side arm Throwing Fixed with this Throwing Mechanics Video

The drill is begun with an object on the ground a few feet in front of player. Players proceed to bounce the ball off the object, or slightly in front or behind it, with the goal of bouncing the ball as high into the air as possible. Low elbow and sidearm throwers will have trouble at first, but have no choice but to get on top if they are to hit the object and bounce the ball high into the air. As players get better at hitting the target, the distance of the object can be extended, with the key having the ball bounced high into the air.

This drill also helps players with other throwing problems as it forces a snap of the wrist, a consistent out front release, use of the body and a follow through, making it a great drill for pitchers also. Use of a lighter ball allows kids to perform many repetitions with less arm fatigue.

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