Developing Strong Hands for Hitting a Baseball

Most young hitters swing the bat with all arms, or they allow their elbows to get in the way on their way to contact. This is understandable because young hitters have not developed the hand and forearm strength to control the bat for a compact swing. Following are two drills that help create that strength and for the desired, compact swing. Of course, the younger the player, the more difficult these drills are, but with time, greater strength and use of the hands will occur.

The first drill, with gloves placed under each armpit, forces the use of the hands and forearms. Coaches should be sure hitters still set the hands back as far as the drill allows. This drill also helps establish a good hitting position for hitters, with the knob of the bat pointing downward. Notice both gloves must fly out at some point near or slightly after contact for the desired and correct swing extension. The higher the ball is set on the tee the more hand strength needed for hitting a baseball. Additionally, the glove under the lead arm falls out sooner on the high pitch than on the low one. This drill is very effective, however picking the gloves up and placing under each armpit is a challenge in and of itself for young players.

hitting a baseball

hitting a baseball

Baseball Hitting Drill for Strong Hands when Hitting a Baseball

The second drill has hitters pinch a loose fitting shirt as far back on the shirt as possible. The goal is to swing the bat right after letting go of the shirt without bringing the bat back any further. Remember the goal is to use the hands and forearms on these drills so even if the bat does not getting totally back to hitting position, the drills work to develop stronger hands and forearms.

Line drives with backspin are always the goal, no matter the height of the ball. As noticed here, that result of hitting a baseball sometimes leads to a fallen batting tee, which is not a bad sign. In order to hit line drives, the bat hits the inside back of the ball and the top of the tee stem.


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