3 Most Common Baseball Throwing Errors

I know you are thinking of baseball throwing errors that are off target, but this is about the most common baseball throwing errors kids make during warm up time at the beginning of games and practices. Coaches often miss these warm-up mistakes, but it is important that players learn the correct way to warm-up so unnecessary game errors do not show up and for injury avoidance.

Top Baseball Throwing Error  

  1. Most kids, rightfully, begin by throwing easy, but then declare they are ready and stop throwing before working up to close to full speed and before extending their throwing distance. The correct way has players gradually work up in speed and distance, so they are ready to cut loose in games or practices, as needed.

Second Most Common Baseball Throwing Error during Warm-ups  
Baseball Throwing Errors

Almost as common are players, who begin with easy throwing speeds, and then immediately jump to firing the ball. The correct warm-up throwing technique has players gradually work up in speeds, as mentioned.

Another Common Baseball Throwing Error

Still other players make this most detrimental of baseball throwing errors by throwing 90 to 100% of top speed, immediately. Besides overuse throwing, this may be the next leading cause of arm soreness. Players must learn to begin with easy tosses, followed by more speed and then hard tosses from greater distance, as outlined above.

Of course, coaches should also be aware of allowing kids to spend too much time with throwing warm-ups, especially hard throws from long distances, which lead to worn out arms. Once again, that is another reason for baseball coaches to be observant of players’ warm-up habits and coach the proper way.

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