Friday Base Running Tips – Common Base Running Mistakes that Go Unnoticed

Great Baseball Coaching Notices these Base Running Mistakes

Many base running mistakes are obvious and coaches coach the correct way, However, some base running mistakes take a very acute coaching eye to notice.

Even though major league players sometimes make these base running mistakes, coaches should teach the correct base running techniques. These base running mistakes often lead to potentially safe calls turning into out ones, because of these base running no-no’s.

Base Running Mistakes to Watch for

  1. Sliding into first base is never a good idea, unless avoiding a tag. Sliding slows runners down slightly so it may cause them to be out when they would have been safe. Although noticed, many coaches do not correct this base running mistake.
  2. Jumping at first base on the last step is another thing that actually slows a runner down slightly. Players should run directly through first base as a sprinter does when he gets to the finish line and hits the tape.
  3. On the secondary lead, being in the air with their feet off the ground when the ball reaches the hitting zone is not good. This obviously hinders runners from getting the best jump.
  4. Being completely still in their lead off position is not good. Players should have a slight sway to their body in lead off position.
  5. Lining up even with second base on lead off or not getting back even with second base when planning to steal third base, are common mistakes. This may seem confusing, but the lead off second should be a couple steps back towards shortstop position, but when thinking of stealing, runners move back towards base line as they take their secondary lead off towards third.
  6. Having the lead foot landing at just the right moment on the secondary lead form third base makes all the difference for scoring on passed balls, wild pitches and batted ground balls.
  7. Sliding head first into home plate is a recipe for injury when the catcher is in the way. Feet first sliding is best at home plate, even for players who are normally head first sliders.  

Finally, it is noticing little things as these base running mistakes that makes for great baseball coaching.

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