Motivational Mondays Tip of the Day – Baseball Coaching  Team

Although baseball is a team sport, so much of the game involves individual battles of player versus player, and more correctly, player versus ball. Because of that, players can easily get caught up in all the statistics that baseball players keep. Coaching team over individual accomplishments should be the goal of youth baseball coaches.

There are statistics that cover about everything, which generally indicate how well players are performing. Because of that, as mentioned, it is easy for players to feel like their own performance is more important than the teams. Good coaches keep an eye out for players who become self-centered and infatuated with statistics.

Baseball coaches should emphasize the importance of team over individual statistics.

 Baseball Coaching Team Tips:

  1. Never keeping individual statistics
  2. Praising players who sacrifice their statistics with team plays as sacrifice bunts, advancing runners by hitting to the opposite field, pitching when struggling, etc
  3. Praising players, who are willing to play positions that are not their best ones or favorites
  4. Encouraging players to pull for each other and to keep teammates up when struggling
  5. Keeping the same team rules for all players, ones that do not favor the better players

Baseball coaches, who strive at coaching team help kids beyond the playing fields.

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