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Fun Coaching Practices are More than Hits and Runs

Most ball players will never remember one baseball thing that you teach them, but they will remember these.

Baseball coaches realize they cannot make every player a star baseball player or even an average ball player. Many kids have little talent, start playing too late, or lack the motivation to work at the game. Coaches can only do so much when it comes to developing players, not that they should not continue to coach those players or ever give up on them.

Regardless, one thing coaches can do is try to develop a love for the game of baseball. I have worked with many players whose careers ended early, but who went on to have a career in baseball in non-playing areas. Their love of the game created the desire to remain in the game in some capacity. Many of my former students studied sports related subjects in college or became youth baseball coaches in future years.

Youth coaches have a role and even though I knew many of my players would not play into high school, one of my goals was to try and “hook” every player on the game of baseball. Developing love of the game is simple of course – make it fun. Not all coaches know how to make practices fun, but they can create memorable baseball experiences with the following baseball coaching practice ideas.

Fun Coaching Practices for Memorable Baseball

  1. Have team autograph day – kids exchange pictures and autographs
  2. Film interviews with players about baseball to watch at team party
  3. Film practice home run trots of each player and watch on rainy day
  4. Have parents, kids game – parents bat opposite handed with younger teams and use a safer ball
  5. Make a team scrap book on line for players to download after the season
  6. Take team to local college and high school games before practice or on off days
  7. Bring in a guest speaker (player) to meet the players – even a local high school player is memorable
  8. Have team develop a unique team signature hand shake (congratulatory gesture) to use during the season
  9. Have a baseball trivia contest about the previous days major league games to encourage kids to follow major league baseball
  10. Set up an simple fantasy league among team members – as simple as just having each player pick one hitter and one pitcher on their teams.

As mentioned, coaches can hook players on baseball with these fun ideas so that all players will have lasting memories of their baseball careers.

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