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Importance of Coaching Motivation Techniques

There is no one way fits all, when it comes to motivating ball players, as all have different personalities and motivation levels. That is why it is important that coaches get to know players’ personalities, so they can figure out coaching motivation methods for each player. Coaching motivation techniques for some players are relatively easy to find and occur the first day of the season, whereas it takes most of the season for other players, if at all. Following are some coaching motivation techniques to help coaches inspire youth ballplayers.

Effective Coaching Motivation Techniques for Individuals 
Coaching Motivation

For the Scholarly, less Athletic Player

Coaches can try a “Major league favorite player day,” when players announce their favorite major league player, give some background and statistics on the player, and tell all why he is their favorite player. Ask players to keep all updated on their favorite players’ progress as the season goes on. This motivational method helps players get in the spirit of baseball and may help to get kids talking and watching baseball more.

For the below average or less confident player

Coaches should explain to each player their role on the team, why they are important to the team, and how they can improve their play. Communication is so important, even with youth players, so feel they are vital role to the team.

For all Players

All kids love praise, promoting kids accomplishments, no matter how small, and especially to their parents, is a great form of motivation.

Coaching Motivational Techniques for Teams

Coaches should:

Take responsibility for poor games. Teams often work harder for coaches, who blame themselves for poor play, instead of holding kids accountable.

Share what know – this may be seem like a given, but many coaches only coach to some players and often just to the better ones. Players, who know coaches are coaching all players, helps motivate. Coaching bench players during games is a great example of this motivational coaching method.

Give players something to look forward to – for example, kids love playing games, letting them know the harder they work early in practice, or the sooner they do things correctly, the sooner they can play games, is a good coaching motivation technique.

Good coaches never give up on looking for motivation techniques that reach players, especially the seemingly unreachable ones.

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