Saturday Secrets for Great Baseball Coaching 

It’s more than just Coaching Baseball, it’s Coaching Life

Youth baseball coaches’ first responsibility is to coach baseball, by giving players the appropriate knowledge they deserve for their age. That is what team parents expect from their coach. However, youth baseball coaches have a great opportunity to do so much more – they can also coach life along the way, a great bonus to parents not to mention to kids. Following are some ways that coaches can coach life.

Coaching Life Lessons  

  1. Respect for teammates – It is common for other players to react negatively when a teammate makes a mistake – coaches must watch for these reactions and discourage kids from doing them, as well as teaching them to pat error-making players on the back to pick up their spirits.
  2. Respect for Adults – Coaches should watch how teammates address coaches, officials and other parents. Teaching players to respect adults around the game with “Please,” “Thank You,” “Mr.” “Mrs.” Are little things coaches should do.
  3. Team Concept – Coaches must watch for players excluding other players from the “cool guys” group and encourage them to be inclusive and understand what team means.

Other Life Coaching Lessons

  1. Work ethic – Coaches cannot force kids to practice once they leave the field, but they should encourage practice by always giving baseball homework, asking players the next practice who did it, and rewarding those players with a little something.
  2. Responsibility – Coaches should watch for kids that always make excuses or blame others for poor play and help players to learn to except responsibility and remain positive.

I believe most parents would be grateful for youth baseball coaches to coach life lessons as much as for coaching baseball, at least at the lower levels of baseball.

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