Coaching baseball hitting strategy can be done in a number of ways. For example, when watching baseball games with my kids, we will often ask each other, “What pitch do you think the pitcher will throw here?” or “What do you think the batter is looking for in this situation?”

Helping players develop a game plan, when batting, is another goal of the hitting coach. This baseball hitting strategy takes years to develop, but that process comes quicker with the following questions.

Coaching Baseball Hitting Strategy during Batting Practice

There are times when I will have batting practice hitters take the first five pitches, or any five pitches, during their turn up to bat, and instead, have them answer three questions after each pitch about their baseball hitting strategy.

  1. Was it a ball or strike?
  2. What count would you have swung at that pitch?
  3. Which field would have been the best direction to hit that pitch?

These questions have the purpose of having kids understand that there is more to hitting than just swinging away, as a baseball hitting strategy is important.

Coaching Baseball Hitting Strategy when Watching TV 
baseball hitting strategy

As implied above, these coaching questions are adaptable for when watching baseball games on TV. Parents can ask young players similar questions about a hitting plan of attack, after observing major league players, with slight modifications to the questions.

  1. What pitch do you think he is looking for in this count?
  2. Should the player have swung at that pitch in that situation?
  3. Did he hit the ball in the correct direction based on the pitch location?

It is important to realize that baseball hitting strategy differs slightly from player to player as every player has different batting strengths and weaknesses, but these challenging questions quicken players understanding of the game. Finally, because every player is different, there is not always a right and wrong answer, when it comes to batting plan of attack.

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