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Ball Transfer Catching Drill

Many potentially great plays are lost when players have trouble making a quick transfer of ball to glove on reached for ground balls. This is another one of those baseball plays where it is difficult to get enough practice at, as some plays do not happen as much as others.

Some baseball players “are blessed” with great hands, whereas most players have to develop them. Practicing the ball transfer from glove to bare hand is one of those skills that take constant practice and all players can improve their quickness in this area. Of course, that quick ball transfer begins with correct fundamentals, especially on two handed catch balls, when players get in front of the ball. Often neglected, though, are the correct fundamentals when catching balls with the glove only.

Warm-up Catching Drill for Quick Ball Transfer

During throwing warm-ups, coaches have players catch every ball with the glove only, with their throwing hand straight down at their side. After catching the ball, players zip their glove to their throwing hand as fast as possible, where they take the ball out as quickly as possible. Initially with this catch drill, players should have their two-finger grip set as their bare hand rests at their side. This is important because very often with this quick ball transfer players take the ball out of the glove with a palm ball grip, inhibiting a strong throw. This is a must use drill for baseball catchers, as well as  for infielders.

This quick ball transfer drill mimics those plays where players reach for balls and have to transfer the ball quickly by taking the glove back across their body to their bare hand and throwing side. Coaches should make sure players bring the glove all the way to their bare hand, as one hand moves quicker than two. Many players want to reach incorrectly with two hands, so it is important that players keep their bare hand as close to their throwing release point as possible.

Coaches can then have players set their bare hand up next to their throwing side shoulder and perform the same drill.

This is a good drill to incorporate for every practice and pre-game throwing warm-ups, as well as working on correct two-handed catch, also. Once again, this is one of those baseball plays that does not happen as often, so having a drill to mimic this important play is necessary. Of course, this is a great drill for baseball catchers, as they catch balls with one hand and need that quick ball transfer.

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