How to Break Out of a Hitting Slump

There is no one or simple way to break out of a hitting slump. Like most things, a trial and error process is involved. Of course, the best coaching strategy is to prepare baseball players from the beginning of the season of the likelihood of going into a batting slump at some point. Few players avoid them over the course of the baseball season. When players realize they are inevitable, they will not panic when in one, and while trying to break out of a hitting slump.

Adults should be careful of adding pressure on players when they struggle. Continually saying they have to practice more is not what kids usually want to hear, even though more practice is a good start. The other thing that hurts players recovery is everybody telling the player what is wrong and how to fix it. The result is hearing multiple things to the point where players become so confused they do not know what to do or think. Parents should tell their child that everyone is just trying to help before designating which coach to listen to when players get advice from too many sources.

Ways to break out of a hitting slump (infographic)

break out of a hitting slump

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Break out of a hitting slump

Break out of a slump

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