How to Boost Hitting Confidence

Practice is when a hitter can think, make adjustments and work on different aspects of hitting. Coaches can boost hitting confidence in practice by knowing the right things to say and do. Of course, working on the hitting fundamentals is a never-ending process and the best coaches know how to keep players focused and willing to practice through thick and thin, and there are always more thin times for most ballplayers.

Games are for trusting the swing and concentrating on just seeing the ball. Coaches should allow players to do just that by not giving hitting fundamental tips that only serve to take their concentration from where it should be. When you hear of hitters or athletes being “in the zone” this is what is meant. They have the ability to store all their good habits and thoughts in the back of their mind and only concentrate on the here and now of the ball coming towards them. The ability to get the hitter in the zone as often as possible is the goal of the good hitting coach and it isn’t an easy task.

In this infographic, coaches learn ways to say the right things that can help players feel better about their hitting mechanics and mental game.

Boost Hitting Confidence with these

Boost Hitting Confidence

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Boost Hitting Confidence

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