Best Hitting Drill of the Year – Season Two

If you haven’t watched last years’ riveting best hitting drill of the year tournament, where 16 awesome baseball drills batted it out for the best hitting drill of the year, you should check it out. This year was no contest for the best hitting drill of the year, as this hitting drill of the year easily hit its way ahead of the competition, hands down, pun intended.

In my 25 years of coaching baseball hitters, there is no batting drill that produces more backspin line drives than this years’ winning drill, when done correctly. I call this drill the pull, pivot, push drill for obvious reasons and it immediately has batters begin to look like hitters, a sign of a great hitting drill.

Players choke up on their bat and set the palm of the top hand on the bat with the hands touching together, without gripping the bat with the top hand. Hitters simply swing the bat to full straight-arm extension. The pull part of the drill is with the lead hand initially pulling the bat towards the inside back of the ball, the correct initial move of a great baseball swing. The pivot is with the back foot and knee, as they release towards the ball, and the push is with the top hand and rear hip, forcing the weight shift to full arm extension. A slight variation to the grip in this manner is also Ok.

best hitting drill

best hitting drill

It is best to start players with no stride with this drill to avoid lunging and to have the top hand finish by pointing it only to center field. The finish at the pitcher ensures top hand extension with the batter staying on and through the ball.

Runaway Winner of Hitting Drill of the Year – 2013

Young players may have trouble keeping the top hand on the bat to push with initially and with extending the lead arm straight on the follow through. In no time though players will begin to get the hang of it and have smooth hitting actions, as it forces the correct hand, hip and weight transfer actions of the perfect swing.

Batters also learn to aim correctly for the inside back of the ball, which produces the desired backspin line drives. Additionally, this drill builds up the strength in the batters lead arm, often a weakness with many batters. Because this drill takes the hands on the correct path to the ball, as well as developing a good weight shift and arm extension, many line drives result for players who have trouble making good contact and for batters, who had difficulty hitting balls in the air. This is a great drill for batting tee and short flip work and is the hit away winner of season two’s best hitting drill of the year tournament

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