Hitting Drill of the Year – Hands and Forearms Bracket

Welcome to the best hitting drill of the year tournament. In this, and the next few videos, sixteen solid hitting drills will compete to advance to the final four, in their quest to become the best hitting drill of the year.  Many awesome contestants made the field this year, with many traditional hitting drills returning, but also some surprise hitting drills made this year’s sweet sixteen.

First and as always, some hitting  drills were pretty teed off, or flipped off, for not getting in. The most disappointed drill was the inside swing net drill, which has strong year in and year out merits base on its ability to help hitters not cast the bat.  Another one that got the pinch in the process this year is the pinch the shirt drill, which develops the hands and forearms in a compact manner, but proved too difficult for young hitters to perform, as well as ruining many shirts along the way. The inside –outside T drill gets left out every year because most people do not have two batting tees, never the less it is a good drill to establish contact points. The last drill edged out of this year’s tournament is the quick hands drill – another solid entrant but it is only for hitters who have great swings to begin with.

Better luck next year, to those and other great hitting drills that did not advance to the sweet sixteen this year.

Hitting Drills Finalists for Developing Hands and Forearms

Finally, it’s on to the brackets. Today’s video sees four drills battle in the hands and forearms bracket. In the first match up for best hitting drill of the year, a four seed, the standing tall with feet together drill battled hard, because it helps hitters develop their hands while maintaining level hips but it lost out to a one seed; the glove under the lead arm drill, which helps establish hitting position, forces hitters to use their hands and leads to good extension, as the glove falls out after contact.

In the other matchup, the three seed, the lead arm drill edged out the two seed the top hand drill.  Most kids need more strength buildup with their lead hand as well as needing help with arm extension, which this drill does. Even though the top hand drill helps hitters control the bat barrel, it does not advance because most kids roll the wrist prematurely with this drill. Additionally, because it is usually players throwing arm, a great amount of swings are not advised with this top hand drill.

The finals of the hand speed development bracket was not expected to be close but the lead arm drill held in there, because kids do not like to pick the glove up with the glove under arm drill, but ultimately, the glove under the arm drill had too many benefits to ignore. Especially important, is that the glove drill can be used with all manners of hitting drills, even with regular batting practice.

So the one seed advances out of this bracket and is one of the favorites to win best hitting drill of the year. Next video pits four solid hip turn drills in competition for advancement to the final four. Stay tuned.

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