Hip Turn Hitting Drills

Welcome to the second video in the quest to find the best hitting drill of the year. Just as with regular hitting, constructive feedback is necessary when performing drills, to know when the baseball swing is correct. The best feedback comes from setting the tee at the knees and right down the middle of home plate, or at the top of the strike zone, rather than setting the tee at thigh or waist high. On the low, middle of the plate pitch, line drives directly back through the middle, as marked by the hanging glove, is the desired result and on the high tee, line drives with backspin, or long fly balls, are best.

Before getting to this week’s competition, pitting 4 great hip turn drills against each other, controversy still swirls over last week’s hand and forearm development drills. Two great drills for hand development filed an inquiry as to why they were not included. The hitting on the knee drill and the glove under both arms have a right to be upset as they are both very good drills for developing hand strength, but were deemed too similar to a couple of drills that made the field. They will have to wait until next year when the tourney field expands to more hitting drills.

The following hip turn drills are all excellent and this hip turn bracket contained the most talented drills of all the brackets.  The first major upset of the tourney occurred when the number four seeded 1, 2, 3,  drill outlasted the fast knee drill. The fast knee drill is outstanding for helping kids stay back and drive the back knee to the ball, all the while keeping the whole backside connected. However, the one, preparation, and soft stride, 2 break of the back knee with hands back and 3 a complete finish of the swing won out because it teaches so many aspects of hitting. Many kids want to step and swing together or begin their swing without using their lower half. This drill puts each stage of hitting in slow motion, so to speak, and forces hitters to stay back and begin the turn before casting the bat out. Additionally, it helps hitters keep their hands back in good hitting position, as well as a complete hip turn, accomplished by finishing the swing all the way to the middle of their back and the reason it is in the hip turn bracket, of course.

Hip Turn Hitting Drills of Year

The other match up went into overtime, but ultimately the back knee kick through drill wins out because it can be done for all pitches, high and low and with regular batting practice. Additionally, this drill forces hitters to use their front side, which is usually a batters weak side, as that is the only way to pick up the back foot. The drop knee drill, or the the Adrien Beltre, because of his World Series home run in this manner, is only for pitches at knee level, even though it is great for steadying the batter’s head, as well as guaranteeing a rotation of the backside.

In the finals of the hip turn drill bracket, the four seed, the 1,2,3,,drill steamrolled into the final four because of all the benefits listed above. The back knee drill faded in the end because many hitters have develop a tendency to jump at the ball and not get their knee all the way forward, which is mandatory for the correct hip action and an important part of this drill.

So with two drills to the final four, the next video tackles some outstanding rhythm and load drills, another necessary ingredient for the perfect swing.





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