Ultimate bat Speed Drills for Hitting Success

There are a number of ways to develop fast hands for hitting success. One thing to remember is that there is a difference between bat speed and bat quickness. Many hitters can really swing a bat fast but lack the explosive bat quickness necessary to be able to wait on the ball until the last possible second. Of course, strength training can help hitters get stronger which leads to bat speed, but explosiveness only comes with great hitting mechanics and with swinging the bat often.
Combining many of the following drills leads to quick and strong hands, as well as to bat speed. Notice the bat angle and hitting position must be consistent from drill to drill in order to be sure the hands, wrists and forearms are the muscles used. It is also important to remember that solid line drives with backspin are the goal with these drills, even the ones that do not involve using the hips. It takes a very good swing to hit line drives without the use of the lower half, but it is a great way to develop good swing mechanics and a sign of a great swing. Hitters’ hands may become tired quickly doing these drills, so periods of rest are necessary so bad habits are not developed due to fatigue.

Ultimate Bat Speed Drills for Players

A good way to develop good hitting mechanics which is necessary even before developing the necessary bat speed is by beginning with one-hand drills, moving into upper body isolation drills using mostly the hands and forearms, before adding the hips and hands with the last few drills. Performing the drills in the order shown is most beneficial. Most kids display better hitting fundamentals with one hand drills or the upper body isolation drills because they cannot over swing, move their head or lose balance, as often happens with the full body swing.
The drills are self-explanatory and remember, line drives are the result when drills are done correctly. With the last three drills, balls are flipped below the batter’s eye level, which will force quick hands, and the ball location can be varied to hit inside, middle and outside pitches. Of course, young hitters will struggle with some of these at first but no one said it was easy and most ballplayers love the challenge. Hitters, who pay the price, will notice the results are nice.


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