Baseball Fielding Fundamentals Drills – Breaking it Down

Before hitting ground balls to players, I use this baseball fielding fundamentals drill as a warm up. It works on players’ footwork and fundamentals, as seen in this video. This still-ball, placement drill helps fielders concentrate on their footwork and glove position, as well as lining the ball up correctly. Of course, it also helps coaches teach those same things, as well as helping players understand the concepts of staying down when approaching the ball, when to use one or two hands, looking balls into the glove and on quick, explosive crow hops for throwing. It is also enables players to get a number of throws in a short time, which helps develop good muscle memory.

Baseball Fielding Fundamentals – Still Ball Video

Initially, I have players freeze when they get to the ball before throwing; to be sure everything is aligned correctly. As seen here, there are any number of ball placement possibilities that coaches can have players practice in this manner and this fielding drill can be used for all infield and outfield positions, including the catcher position. Advanced concepts like rounding the ball and footwork for double play feeds can also be worked on with this drill. Of course, this is a great drill for very young players too, because they can work on the mentioned fielding fundamentals without fear of being struck by the ball or of getting bad hops. Of course, in my younger day ,it looked more like this.

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