Baseball Hitting Videos for Staying Inside the Ball

First, it is important to note the difference between staying inside the ball and inside outing the ball. A good swing has to come to the inside back of the ball in order to drive the ball consistently hard and to hit the ball in the direction of the pitched ball, which gives hitters the best odds at base hits. Inside outing a ball is a swing that tries to get the hands inside of an inside pitch, in order to take the ball to the opposite field, which is usually for the hit and run play.
The following drill works to help hitters understand and perform the desired swing of keeping the hands inside the ball. When hitters cast the bat out, they usually hit ground balls to their pull side with an early roll of the wrists and incorrectly hit the net with this drill.

Notice a home plate is set with the outside edge of home plate an inch or two away from a net or screen. Players can even hang a sheet at home for this drill. The tee is set in the middle of home plate, and preferably below the waist. Hitters stand belly button form the net and proceed to swing without hitting the net and with the goal of hitting the ball in line with the net. When done correctly, line shots up the middle are the result.

For a good warm up drill, hitters can stand against the net and swing by just grazing the net with the end of their bat. Hitters should have their eyes on the net at contact and be sure to graze the net slightly, as missing the net would mean they are pulling their front shoulder out on this warm up drill. Developing this inside the ball swing puts hitters on the road to success.





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