February 20 – Motivational Monday Tip of the Day

Tortoise Beats the Hare Every Time

I always tell my students that I played with some real little league legends. They absolutely dominated at that level. We were sure they would become major league stars someday. One problem occurred on their road to the “Show” – most kids caught up in size with them, right around high school age. I don’t believe those legends even played into high school. 

Elvis Andrus while playing for the Rome Braves.

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Many kids overpower other kids at a young age, but without good fundamentals, these strong players often are left behind, when their size is neutralized in later years. The point I try to get across to young ballplayers is that it is not the “flash in the pan” that succeeds in the end, but the steady, methodical players, who patiently work and have a real love for the game. Players, who stay positive, outwork their competition, and think long term with their goals are the ones who play high school baseball.

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