Critical Batting Practice Statements

The key to coaching sports of any level is gaining the trust of players. Without that trust, players are hesitant to listen and try suggestions. The key to gaining trust begins with the tone of voice that coaches use and of course, what the coach says. Nowhere is the process of gaining trust more important than with the batting practice statements one uses. Along with building trust, the words one uses helps kids develop confidence and patience to perform the most difficult skill in all of sports.

As I have alluded to in the past, as much as teaching the hitting fundamentals, I feel like a sports psychologist also. Achieving consistent hitting success is elusive, so I am always working the hitter’s mindset, too. Especially today, such batting practice statements are necessary because so many kids feel the pressure to do well, either from their self or from their parents.

The ability of coaches to say the right things at the appropriate time helps kids learn to develop the even keel necessary to get through the highs and inevitable lows of hitting.  Hitting is difficult enough, but add in the tension that parents and players place, and the coach has to constantly deal with a kid’s psyche, along with the hitting fundamentals.

In today’s infographic, I relate the most common batting practice statements I use along with the reason for those.

Batting Practice Statements to gain player trust and help them develop patience


Jack Perconte has dedicated his post-major league baseball career to helping youth. He has taught baseball and softball for the past 28 years. His playing, coaching and parenting stories create better experiences for athletes and parents. Jack has written over a thousand articles on coaching baseball and youth sports. Jack is the author of “The Making of a Hitter” now $5 and “Raising an Athlete.” His third book “Creating a Season to Remember” is now available. Jack is a featured writer for Baseball the Magazine. You can also find Jack Perconte on YouTube with over 120 fun and innovative baseball instructional videos.

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