Welcome to this aerobic defensive baseball workouts

Developing quick hands and feet on all defensive plays are the goal in this warm – up drill. If you are ready, let’s go.

Reach, reach, quick hands, quick hands, zip it back zip it back, get a grip get a grip, two finger grip, oops, restart faster, faster, now you’re talking. Yes Yes. be quick don’t rush, be quick don’t rush, got to get quicker, got to get quicker, I know you can, I know you can

Keep it up, 5 more 5 more,4, 3, 2, 1, Keep going, keep going, Don’t stop don’t stop

Move it move it, breathe breathe. Look it in look it in, stay down stay down, line it up line it up

Focus, focus, you can do it, you can do it – oh yea

Repeat Repeat, speed, speed , over again over again, bust it bust it, feel it feel it, yes you can, yes you can.

Improve, improve, work it work it Come on come on , never quit, never quit,

keep up, keep up, Think ahead, think ahead, want that ball, want that ball anticipate, anticipate know where you going with the ball,

know it, know it, good throw, good throw, quick feet quick,  break it down, break it down, throw em out, you’ve got to throw em out, think baseball, think baseball, see the target, see the target, feel the burn, feel the burn, strong throw, strong throw, balance balance, always balance

 Baseball Workouts to Get all in Shape

attack the ball, attack the ball, go get, go get it, look it in look it in, be aggressive, be aggressive, left right, left right, every direction, every direction, turn it turn it, spin, spin, be the ball, be the ball, pop that throw, pop it, want it

want it, again, again, over, over, never settle, never settle, all out all out today


Need A rest, Need a rest – there’s no rest in baseball, time out then, time out – Along with the aerobic nature of this drill, it works to coach young players how to play multiple positions. Doing this day in and day out at the beginning helps player learn all defensive actions. It is also a great way to warm up, develop quick hands and feet, and for baseball conditioning.

Coaches may want to film the initial team workouts as it usually provides some good laughs, until players and coaches begin to perform the moves correctly. Coaches may also want to consult their doctor before leading so they don’t need to see them after performing this baseball workout. Players will learn the moves to become the leaders at some point. Film that one too.  It is important to move from one action to the next, with no stopping. When players are not making occasional errors, they are not working fast enough. Of course, coaches can slow the pace down to make sure players are performing the moves correctly but then it is time to pick up the pace again – when players are not making occasional errors, they are not working fast enough. However, time and this drill waits for no one – OK let’s get back to the burn

Burn on Baseball Workouts

Dive dive, get up get up, sliding catch, sliding catch, great grab, great grab, you have to want it you have to want that ball, game saver, game saver ,pop up pop up throw em out.

First base – stretch, stretch, right , left, go to the ball go to the ball, look it in look it in

Scoop, scoop, backhand scoop backhand scoop. Got him got him , out out -tag em tag em, nice nice,


Middle infielders

Stay down, stay down, quick feet quick feet, break it down, break it down Pivot pivot, smooth smooth, turn it turn it , double em up, yea yea, sweetness, pitchers best friend,  get rid of it, get rid of it, see your target, hit your target

Third baseman, stay down stay down, move through move through, footwork, footwork, make em earn it,  make em ,faster faster run through run through, see your target snap throw snap throw

Drop step , drop step, backhand back hand, nothing gets by

Ultimate Baseball Workouts


Charge it charge it, crow hop, crow hop, double hop double hop, strong throw strong throw do or die do or die, never say die never say die

Pitchers, keep em close, keep em close, Pickem off pickem off quick feet, quick feet, got em, got em, yes

Catchers throw em out throw em out, quick quick, nobody runs on you nobody , explode explode, pounce, pounce, yes you can, yes you can, good job

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