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Essential Baseball Tools for Home Improvement

Good coaches do not end a practice without giving players homework. The great thing about baseball is that a small area is all that is necessary to practice most of the essential skills. Players do not need a baseball field, or a batting cage, to practice those skills. Youth coaches should encourage players to have some basic baseball practice tools so they can, safely and correctly, practice their skills.

Baseball Tools for Successful Home Improvement

Mirror – a full size mirror is best but any mirror where players can look at their hitting setup, throwing (pitching) motion and fielding set-up is helpful.

A wall – for throwing balls off to develop throwing mechanics, arm speed, and accuracy is extremely valuable for ball players, as well as for fielding balls off of it.

A target on that wall.

A batting tee is an absolute must have for serious ball players to work on perfecting the swing and for making overnight adjustments to hitting mechanics.

Other Baseball Tools for Home Improvement

A softer ball allows safety to surroundings as well as allowing for more repetitions without fatigue – a whiffle ball, tennis ball of rag ball all fit the bill.

A wet dish towel or whiffle ball bat are handy baseball practice tools for one arm hitting drills.

That same dish towel is great for working on throwing mechanics, also.

A flat glove can help players learn to catch balls with soft hands.

A balance beam is a great baseball tool for hitting and throwing as it emphasizes the balance necessary for baseball success.

These basic baseball tools give players the opportunity for many hours of quality baseball improvement at home.

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