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Baseball Coaches – Don’t Forget to Practice these Baseball Throws More

Yesterday, I wrote about the most difficult baseball throws at every position that, for inexperienced players, it was probably best to not attempt them. As players develop their games and game knowledge, they must gain the confidence to make those difficult baseball throws. Like anything, this confidence only develops through constant practice of those tough baseball throws.

As many baseball plays, some difficult plays do not happen very often in games, but are crucial game-determining plays, so the ability to make those throws accurately, make the difference between winning and losing. These following less common plays are often neglected in practice, but should get extra attention.

Baseball Throws that Need Extra Practice

Catcher – Of Course, catchers make more game throws than any player does besides pitchers, so they must work on many throws. However, the following two throws are very difficult, less-occurring throws to pay attention to more.

  1. Bunt down the third base line when the catcher must turn all the way around to throw, as they will field the ball with their back to the first baseman.
  2. Pickoff or steal play to third base with right handed batter up to bat. Catchers must figure out great footwork, based on the particular pitch, to make this throw without hitting the batter with the throw. The same goes for the pickoff throw to first with a left-handed batter.


  1. Baseball throws on bunts down the third base line for right-handed pitchers, when the play is at third base.
  2. The throw to first base on all fielded bunts for left handed pitchers.

First baseman

  1. The throw when first baseman has the runner directly in line with second base is a very difficult throw. First baseman must determine which side to throw on with the appropriate footwork. Attempting to throw over the runner usually ends up badly.
  2. All throws, on fielded bunts, to second and third base for right-handed first baseman are difficult ones that need a good amount of practice.

Middle infielders 

  1. The charge play, when middle infielders must field and throw on the run, is a “must make” play for middle infielders.
  2. The spin around throw, when fielders must turn their back to the target while on the move, requires a great amount of practice.

Other Must-Practice Baseball Throws

Third basemen

  1. Charge play on tappers and bunts – often the key here is making the right call to bare hand, or glove the ball, and on which side of the body to field it.
  2. The baseball throw to first base, when moving in front of the shortstop, is another very difficult play that does not occur often.


This is simple; all throws from the outfield are less common and need practice, with hitting the cutoff man and throwing through the cutoff man, keys to these throws.

Finally, all baseball throws are important, but giving the above less common throws extra attention, helps players gain confidence with making them and help teams win games.

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