Baseball Swing Analysis is So Confusing

Helping other coaches and parents develop an eye for good baseball swing analysis is a funny thing. I often explain to many coaches a couple of basic ways to analyze the baseball swing, and some pick up on it right away and can recognize little things during the fast moving action of the swing, and others just cannot see it, and never seem to “get it.”

What makes the baseball swing analysis so difficult is that the obvious is not the root of the problem. Hitting problems, as over striding and collapsing the backside, are easy things for coaches to notice, but the root of the problem is not that simple. Often, the incorrect swing causes the problem, making the correct baseball swing analysis very difficult.

For example, it may be obvious that a batter is “stepping in the bucket,” before swinging, but the root of the problem is the long initial portion of their swing, leading to the stepping out adjustment. Coaches can plead with players to step at the pitcher, but until they adjust to a more compact swing, they will probably not change the stepping bad habit.

There is no simple baseball swing analysis, because, results may come from the opposite of what seems most likely. For example, an upper cut swing causes a lot of chopped balls, as well as pop ups, so it is easy to get confused; and many popped up balls come from and early roll of the wrist and not from the usual dropping of the backside, when swinging. It often takes an experienced coach to analyze the baseball swing.

However, there is one simple way to analyze whether a baseball swing is at least close to correct, and in time and with careful observation, most coaches can learn to pick up on this baseball swing analysis, method. 

Simplest Baseball Swing Analysis Method

Coaches should stand to the side of the batter as watching from the dugout or on deck circle. Once players get into launch position, immediately after the stride foot lands, coaches should watch to see if the knob of the bat is visible again. If coaches can see the knob of the bat at any time once the swing has begun, it is the incorrect swing.

As mentioned, this takes a good eye to see such a fast-paced action, especially with kids that are very quick, but it is a simple baseball-swing analysis trick to notice why hitters may be struggling, even though the swing may look good.

Of course, solving the incorrect baseball swing is not an easy thing either.

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