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Why have a Baseball Stretching Routine

Baseball is a game that involves explosive movements from still positions. Having relaxed, stretched muscles is crucial to avoid pulled muscles and ligaments. 

For coaches of youth baseball, it is not necessary to have players spend much time with a baseball stretching routine, as the time is necessary for working on baseball skill work. Additionally, young ballplayers do not have the muscle development to make stretching very necessary. However, as players advance to higher levels of baseball and body development, stretching is necessary for flexibility and conditioning.

Baseball coaches should incorporate a baseball stretching routine for ball players, if not for every practice, at least to use occasionally. A baseball stretching routine is also a good way to start practices and  for before games, as a way to have teams warm up as a cohesive unit. Most importantly, a consistent baseball stretching routine helps prevent injuries to muscles and ligaments, especially as ball players begin to lift weights for strength gain. Good baseball stretches cover each area of the body and should be done after a short team jog. Stretches work best when held for approximately ten seconds.  Baseball stretches are most necessary for pitchers, as keeping the arms and shoulders limber and flexible is crucial to avoid throwing injuries.

Essential Baseball Stretching Routine Exercises


baseball stretching routine
baseball stretching routine
baseball stretching routine

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