3 Little Known Baseball Secrets to Success

Following are three little known baseball secrets to success that I wish I had utilized in my major league playing days. These baseball secrets to success have come to me upon much reflection and after having taught the game for the past twenty-four years. Each of the following baseball secrets leads to the next one, creating a successful cycle of achievement. I am all for hard work, as that is necessary for continual development, but calculated hard work without over doing it works best. 

Baseball Secrets – Learn the fundamentals from A to Z.

The ability to make adjustments is crucial. Successful players know the fundamentals of the game, when they are not completing those fundamentals correctly, and the ability to adjust back to those fundamentals in a short period.

Baseball Secrets to Success – Quality usually trumps Quantity

Once the fundamentals are in place, going about performing them in a controlled way, without over doing it, is best. Sometimes hard work leads to finding the correct way to do things, but often it only leads to fatigue, or the hard work leads to working ones way out of a good groove. Once comfortable with the way ones performing a skill, they should back off until post game analysis.

Baseball Secrets to Success – Know when to work and when not to.

I wish I had worked less hard before games and harder after games. Too much work before games often led to the mentioned fatigue, which affected future games, and little or no work after games led to sleepless nights or worry, that also affected future games. Game analysis, followed by a few minutes of practice gives one hope for the next day. I often tell hitters that golfers have the right idea, when they go to the driving range for a short time after the round, so they correct little flaws and so they do not have to wear themselves down the next day before the match.

As mentioned, these baseball secrets to success are a more calculated approach to hard work so that success occurs, and fatigue stays away.

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