Saturday Secrets to Great Baseball Coaching 

Motivation often follows these baseball questions

Beginning practice and ending baseball practice with baseball questions is a good start to motivate ballplayers. Below are some good baseball questions that may provide the piece to the motivational puzzle.

Baseball coaches cannot be miracle workers, as player improvement requires a great deal of cooperation on the player’s part, also. As the saying goes, “Baseball coaches can lead players to the field, but they can’t make them play, or at least play correctly.”

One point I stress to youth baseball coaches is they have accomplished their responsibility when they present players with good information, correct demonstration, game knowledge, and practice drills to improve. The desire to practice, after the team practice, is up to each player. Some will practice at home and others will not. Once players leave the practice field, coaches must only hope players practice their skills, as they cannot force kids to practice. Asking the following baseball questions is a good start to motivating kids to, at the least, pay attention, when at practice, and hopefully to practice before the next team session. 

5 Post-Practice Baseball Questions

* Who wants to tell us something they learned today?
*What else did we work on today?
* Who wants to demonstrate something we worked on?
* Why is it necessary to do it the way we are showing you?
*Who is planning on practicing it at home this week?

5 Pre- Practice Baseball Questions

* Who remembers what we worked on last practice?
* Did anybody practice since the last time we were together?
* Who wants to show us the correct way of doing what we worked on last time?
* What do you want to work on this practice?
* Based on our last game, what should we work on today?

Coaches will be surprised to find that more and more players want to answer these baseball questions. Of course, that result of players paying increased attention and practicing more at home is the whole goal of asking baseball questions. Similar questions after games are also necessary.

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