Free Baseball Hitting Videos for Correct Hitting Mechanics

A great way to analyze a hitter’s mechanics, as well as improve those hitting mechanics, is with this hitting drill. Attention to detail is important for a correct swing analysis. These important details include, placing the tee exactly at the knees in the middle of home plate and 6 inches in front of the lead knee. Once the tee is set correctly, it is paramount that hitters stand the exact distance from home as they do in a game. Notice I quickly check this distance before each swing. As all drills performed on a batting tee, it is important that hitters begin with their eyes towards the pitcher. Tee ball practice is not simply hitting off the tee, but training the mind to imagine seeing the ball from the pitcher’s hand and mentally tracking the ball before bringing their eyes to the tee. On the reverse side of that, hitting a pitched ball is simply “tee ball with timing,” where ultimately the swing is the same as if the ball were sitting on a tee.

Most hitters set the tee close to a backstop, so it is important to tie an object like this glove, directly up the middle and slightly higher than the tee height. In this manner, hitters have a specific target and know if they are hitting the ball through the middle and on the line.

The goal of this drill is to hit line drives directly back through the middle heading up towards the glove. Until hitters hit consistent line drives through the middle and on the line, they should not be satisfied. I have hitters perform this drill with their eyes closed and still expect to see the same rhythm and live drives as if their eyes were open.

Hitting Mechanics – Free Baseball Hitting Videos

The desired hitting mechanics in this video are the easy rhythm of getting the bat to correct hitting position, a smooth weight shift as the hips open and keeping the eyes down through a complete finish of the swing.

This is also a great drill for hitters who rarely drive the ball in the air – practicing hitting this low pitch through middle in the air produces more line drives and power and is the swing I used in the major leagues. Correcting players’ hitting mechanics is the best feeling for baseball hitting coaches.


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