Baseball Hitting Quotes can Save the Whole Season

As a baseball coach, I find myself using many baseball hitting quotes to help players get through hitting slumps, especially those that come at the beginning of the year, after much off season preparation. Baseball hitting quotes, similar to these below, coming from parents, coaches and teammates, help players remain optimistic until better times come.

Even major league players deal with slow starts, but their years of experience and success that helped them get to the highest level, makes it a little easier to deal with, most of the time. With youth baseball players, a slow start to the season is very disappointing, even to the point of wanting to quit baseball for some. It is times like these that adults, coaches and parents, must help players get through the disappointing start, so the whole season does not go downhill from there, especially with players’ desires to play.

Following are some key baseball hitting quotes that help to keep players optimistic, until things turn around. 

Baseball Hitting Quotes from Adults

“You have always been a good hitter, just hang in there, and things will turn around – .400 hitters end up .400 hitters over the long haul and this year will be no different.” The law of averages usually evens up.

“Your hard work will pay off; just give it a little more time.” – Letting them know that hard work pays off in the end is crucial.

“Keep your focus on having quality at bats – taking good swings at good pitches – and the rest will take care of itself.” Letting them know that they can only control those things is key.

“Don’t try to do too much; you can’t get five hits with one swing.” – Players often begin to press and try too hard – letting them know they are one swing away is helpful.

“Don’t bring your bat to the field, we need you out there too.” This reminds players that there is more to the game than just batting and that contributing on defense is important, too.

Good coaches should encourage other players to talk encouragingly to slumping hitters, especially as players reach the junior high or high school levels. Hearing positive words from peers often goes further than hearing it from parents and coaches.

Baseball Hitting Quotes from Teammates

“Hey man, relax, we got your back.”

“We believe in you, it will come.”

Finally, a well-timed pat on the back is often as useful as any baseball hitting quotes, that lets players know that you understand and care about what they are feeling.


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