Baseball Hitting Instructions to Reach Potential

Baseball hitting instructions generally revolve around the mechanics of hitting. Other, often forgotten baseball hitting instructions, are just as necessary.

Usually, ball players, who have the best, fundamentally sound swings, have the best chances of leading their team in hitting. This is not always the case, though, because a great swing does not guarantee that hitters have good hand-eye coordination, plate discipline, and bat speed to succeed. Other factors go into a high batting average. 

Of course. a high batting average begins with sound hitting mechanics, as there is no substitute for them. However, at the same time, kids must practice all aspects that go into hitting and a high batting average. Following is a necessary list of baseball hitting instructions that hitters can do to reach their hitting potential.


Baseball Hitting Instructions for Success

Hitters Should:

1. Check to make sure their vision is up to par and practice eye-focus drills. Great vision and focus, combined with good fundamental swings, give hitters a great chance at success.

2. Increase running speed to “leg out” a few more infield hits during the season. Swinging with balance certainly helps times to first base, so hitting mechanics are necessary to get out of the batter’s box efficiently, too.

3. Practice bunting – a few hits via the bunt is especially helpful when hitters are struggling with their timing, swing, or when facing a tough opposing pitcher.

4. Have an acute knowledge of the strike zone to avoid chasing bad pitches and to receive base on balls. As known, swinging at non-strike pitches rarely turn into hits and walks do not work against the batting average.

5. Know the pitches they hit best and those they do not – the more often hitters swing at pitches in “their” zone, the better chance of hitting success.

6. Observe closely opposing pitchers so they have a good idea of their speed, control, pitches, and tendencies.

7. Learn to use the whole field when hitting – hitters who do this generally hit for the highest batting averages.

Other Baseball Hitting Instructions that Lead to A High Average

Batters should:

8. Be willing to cut down on the swing with two strikes – putting the ball in play more often, obviously give hitters the best chance at base hits. This does not mean hitters have to completely change their approach, but little adjustments as choking up a little or widening the stance helps avoid over swinging and swinging for the fences, which leads to strikeouts, more often than not.

9. Have a short memory when struggling but a great memory when having success – hitting with confidence is beneficial, so forgetting previous bad at-bats, while learning from them, and remembering good at-bats for confidence, is crucial.

10. Practice game-situational hitting as much as possible – this leads to the feeling of having been there before and for strategies of where to hit the ball in those situations for best results.

11. Never give away at-bats – hitters who hit for high averages stay hungry for hits every at-bat all season and never become satisfied no matter how well they are hitting or how bad the playing conditions may be.

12. Use a batting tee for swing correctness before games and after games for quick-fix adjustments.

These baseball-hitting instructions, along with a fundamentally sound baseball swing, lead to a high batting average and reaching one’s hitting potential.

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