Baseball Fielding Evaluation Sheet to Use

Just as with baseball hitting, there are times when baseball fielding evaluations for are necessary, whether for baseball tryouts, baseball camps, or simply for in season team individual evaluations. It is important to put these evaluations down on paper so players and their parents have concrete suggestions of how and in what areas they need improvement.

Most kids love to hit and throw, but baseball fielding practice is often neglected. That is a big mistake, as many youth players get to the high school level and do not have a position to play. This scenario results in being left off the team, even though they have good hitting and throwing skills. I often tell players that there is only one designate hitter needed, and unless a pitcher, they must have good fielding skills if they want to continue playing baseball. 

Following is an example of a baseball fielding evaluations sheet that coach’s can use to help players recognize their strengths and weaknesses, along with ways to improve upon those areas with suggested comments and baseball drills. Coaches should encourage players to share these evaluations with their parents and refer back to them from time to time to remember areas of greatest need.

Fielding Fair Good Very Good Comments + Drills
Preparation (Ready Position)
Foot Work – 1st Step and Approach to ball
Lining up ball and final Setup to catch ball

Glove work before and after the catch


Soft Hands

Footwork to throw

Quick Release (arm action)


Throw accuracy and follow through


For players returning to the team the following season, coaches should have players bring save these evaluations for the following season to know and recognize the skills that need improvement or have improved since the previous season.


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