Constant Baseball Defense Coaching Reminders

Each defensive baseball position has a few plays that need constant game reminders, no matter how much practice coaches have players perform of these plays. At no position are these coaching defensive baseball reminders more important than with the pitching position, they have other things on their mind, as making good pitches. It is relatively easy for pitchers to forget about game situations because of pitching, itself.

Baseball defense has so many possible scenarios, especially with runners on the bases, which require players to think about before each pitch. Even pitchers at the major league level misplay these plays, at times, so constant baseball defense reminders are necessary so pitchers do not forget what might occur, and so they anticipate all possible scenarios. Without that anticipation, pitchers neglect their defensive responsibilities, leading to missed out opportunities and possible lost games because of that forgetful nature.

Below are some of the necessary and constant baseball defense reminders that good coaches give pitchers:

Necessary Baseball Defense Reminders for the Pitcher Position

  1. Check to know who covers the second base bag, shortstop, or second baseman, on ball hit to pitcher with runner on first base and less than two outs
  2. Hold the runner on the bases, especially with a good base stealer on base
  3. Cover first base on any ball towards the first baseman (above the little league level). At the little-league baseball level, the second baseman generally covers first instead
  4. Back up the appropriate base on throws from the outfield
  5. When first baseman is playing behind the runner on first, so they do not forget and decide to throw there that results in a balk
  6. Which base line is their responsibility on bunt plays
  7. Help determine who catches infield pop ups around the pitcher’s mound, as pitchers allow other position players to make these catches at the higher levels of ball
  8. To cover home base with runners on third base for balls that get by the catcher
  9. To get out of the way on throws to second base from the catcher, even though this is not a normal reminder, but still important for younger pitchers, especially on first and third steal plays
  10. To help fill in on run down situations, when other players are not in position to do that

As you can tell by all these responsibilities, baseball defense begins with the pitcher, not to mention their most important responsibility of beginning the defense with their pitching. Of course, coaches do not want pitchers minds to wander so much that they forget their main responsibility of making good pitches, but good baseball defense only occurs when pitchers do their part.


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