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Developing Baseball Motivation is Routine

I like to run and I like to run about the same time each day. The same running pattern each day becomes a routine that motivates me, day in and day out.

I often hear this from parents of my students, “What about Jack?” They are referring to their sons or daughters question to them, when they miss, forget about, or do not schedule their regular baseball class time.

People are creatures of habit and kids are the same way; they become dependent on doing certain things at the same time and day. This dependence activates their motivation to work at things they like. Maintaining the same routine is an often over looked source of motivation. Baseball coaches should consider the power of routine as a motivational force, when they set up their season schedule, when possible. Following are some ideas that help keep routine in players life, hopefully, with motivation to follow.

Baseball Motivation: Coaching Routinely

  1. Try to have the same location, times, and days for practices each week.
  2. Begin and end practices in the same way
  3. Although it is not always a good idea to keep the same lineup each game, many players get comfortable in a certain spot in the order, so coaches should consider that, before changing it up.
  4. Routine not only leads to motivation, it often leads to superstition, which is not always a bad thing, as it also helps with motivation. Coaches should try to have the same game day routines when winning and alter it some after losses, without becoming dependent on superstition.
  5. Help players have their own individual routines in games for concentrating better, as each player is different. For example, developing the same actions in the on deck circle and before each pitch, when hitting, helps focus players’ minds.

Of course, it is not always possible to keep things the same, especially throughout the long busy season, but baseball motivation through routine is good for kids and teams, so its value should not be over looked.

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