Sunday Setting Sights on Success

“C” where Success Begins

Coaches must teach the fundamentals of the game, but also must help players develop a good mental game.

The best-case scenario for any athlete is creating a cycle of ingredients that bring success. Each success ingredient feeds off the other in a revolving cycle that makes success an almost certainty. When these three things are working for athletes, the elusive feeling of being “in the zone” occurs, which allows the game to feel as though the game is in slow motion.

Concentration – The ability to keep the mind in the present, without worry of the past or present, gives players the quiet mind and focus to accomplish the objective.

Baseball coaching tip for concentration – “That play is over, you cannot do anything about it, move on”

Confidence – Feeling like “You have been here before” along with having little fear of failure, gives players the positive feeling that success is going to happen.

Baseball coaching tip for confidence – “The things we practiced are the same things you have to do in the game.”

Consistency – Players, who have the above two – concentration and confidence – develop the consistency necessary to play baseball, a sport that requires day in and day out play.

Baseball coaching tip for consistency – “It’s a new day; we have to do it all over again.”

As mentioned, each of the three feed each other leading to sustained success. Also of note, each coaching tip works for each coaching ingredient.



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