I use this baseball coaching motivation technique often with great results. This baseball coaching motivation technique is very simple and very effective.

Baseball Coaching Motivation Technique Works Like this

  1. Begin practice with a contest that works on a specific baseball area
  2. Take note of the winner, but more importantly, take note of each player’s contest totals
  3. Set up drills that help players perform the skill better
  4. Finish that segment of practice with the same contest or save the contest for the end of practice
  5. Once again, note the winner, but more importantly, compare players’ scores to the first round contest

 Of course, coaches can make these contests with small groups by picking up sides, a half team contest against the other half, or even a contest of players against coaches.

Why This Baseball Coaching Motivation Technique Works
Baseball Coaching Motivation Technique

  1. Kids love contests and competition
  2. It gets players excited, or at least more focused to practice the skills
  3. Coaches have more motivated players (the goal of all this, of course), especially for emphasizing some aspects of the game, which may seem boring to players

Example of Baseball Coaching Motivation Technique

Coaches set up a bunting game, where players get points for well-placed and completed bunts. There is any number of ways to score this competition, as coaches can set up targets down the lines or simply use players to field the balls.

After the contest, coaches demonstrate correct bunting technique, set up bunting stations to practice that technique before having the exact same contest as before. Once again, players keep their scores from the first contest and compare them to their point totals with the ending contest.


As mentioned, this beginning and ending practice with the same contest motivation technique works with any area of baseball and works best when the contest winner is not the main focus, but rather that kids’ improve from the beginning to the end of practice. With that in mind, coaches should make a point of rewarding the player(s), who showed the greatest amount of improvement, along with the winner(s). With this baseball coaching motivation method, coaches have a better chance of having enthusiastic players, along with having players, who look forward to coming to practice. 




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