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Coaching Baseball: Buying and Selling Coaching Quotes

Baseball coaching involves many things, but this one is an obvious one, because sports success is elusive.

A common sentiment I relay to my students goes something like this, if you have to have it right today, you are probably playing the wrong sport. That is not said to discourage players, but as reality. Baseball skill development is a never-ending process of little improvements, plateaus and tough times. As coaches work with students’ baseball skills, it is important to work their baseball minds, as well. Some players get frustrated easily and some do not, but frustration comes to all, eventually.

Along with the fundamentals of the game, coaches teach strategic knowledge, as well as incorporating those into game action. However, just as important, is that baseball coaches become good buyers and sellers. What are they buying and selling? Baseball coaches buy time and sell “hope.”

Nothing in sport requires as much skill development as baseball. Hitting a ball consistently, throwing a ball accurately, catching a ball correctly, and all of those with the necessary speed, create extreme challenges for ball players. It takes an exorbitant amount of time to get close to perfecting baseball skills. Most players give up trying, believing they will never get it. The fortunate ones, who keep trying, usually do so because they have coaches who “buy the time” and “sell the hope” needed to see improvement and go on playing.

Good coaches buy time, so players do not get too discouraged, by selling hope through positive words and actions. Selling kids with the necessary hope give players an opportunity to reach their full potential.

Baseball Coaching Quotes that Buy Time

* Remember the good and forget the bad results

* The past is the past, stay focused on the here and now

* Look at the bright side; it could have been worse

* Even the major leaguers struggle and they work at it non-stop

* Improvement comes gradually, so stick with it


Baseball Coaching Quotes that Sell Hope

* I use to have the same problem, keep going, it will come

* You are so close to putting it all together

* It’s a great feeling when you get it

* Stay ready, success is nearby

* Your time will come, believe it, because I believe in you

Positive baseball coaching quotes are endless, of course. Selling hope to kids influences their baseball careers, and more importantly, their outlook on life and their future.

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