Tuesday Tips to Tattoo the Ball

Baseball Bunt Importance – Learning from Girls Softball

The baseball bunt actually helps players tattoo the ball and has value beyond advancing runners and winning games.

Girls’ softball players learn to bunt at a young age and practice it a great deal, at all levels of softball. It is impressive to watch girls’ softball to see how proficient they are at putting bunts down. It is true that it has more importance in softball than baseball, but attention to the baseball bunt is often neglected. That is a shame because bunting practice serves many purposes.

Of course, it is difficult to put too much emphasis on it at the recreational levels of baseball, because of time restraints and much less games played. However, as players reach the higher levels of baseball and travel ball, there is adequate time and games to devote to using the baseball bunt practice.

Reasons why Baseball Bunt Practice is Necessary

Bunting practice helps with:

  1. Advancing runners – advancing runners into scoring position and scoring runners on the sacrifice and safety squeeze plays are the main reasons for practicing bunting.
  2. Improving hitting timing – bunting practice helps players time the ball by watching it all the way to contact, which are keys for hitting.
  3. Gaining bat control – setting bunts down the first and third base lines helps players understand bat angles at contact, as when hitting the ball to all fields.
  4. Learning points of contact – along the same lines as bat angles, setting the ball down on the baseball bunt helps players learn where contact happens, in order to place balls in different directions.
  5. Building self-esteem with players, who struggle with making contact, when hitting. Satisfaction comes from making contact on bunts. Any contact, and with a chance to get a hit, helps players self- esteem as they feel they contribute to the team.
  6. Placing emphasis on teamwork – many players want to hit because that is often more fun than bunting, but bunting puts emphasis on the value of players working to help the team and not their batting average or RBI totals.

Finally, baseball bunt practice does not need a great amount of space, so it provides coaches with an additional practice station and something to do when space is limited.

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